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“Smart technologies need smart citizens.”

Gerd Gigerenzer on how humans must adapt to optimally use new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).


“Most people are risk-illiterate.”

Gerd Gigerenzer on how to communicate health risks.

“It’s important for any business to recognise the dynamics of complexity in data.”

Florian Artinger on using big data for decisions making processes.

“Most of our problems are about uncertainty.”

Gerd Gigerenzer on how instincts can beat analytical thinking.

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Current approaches in decision science locate decision-making problems almost exclusively in the minds of decision-makers: People are lazy, selective, and imprecise. To avoid bad decisions, they have to be “de-biased” or “nudged”. We see it differently: Good decision-making depends on the fit between decision strategies and the environment. Especially under uncertainty, learning environments must be strengthened and decision processes simplified. We want to move away from “avoiding bad decisions” and instead move towards “making better decisions”.

Corona rapid test interpretation

“What does my Corona rapid test result mean? The correct interpretation of test results depends not only on how good the test is, but also on how common the disease is. In this article we explain how to interpret Corona

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Covering Your Ass

“The Damages of a Hedging Culture and How to Establish a Better Risk Culture in Organisations. Between 20% and 50% of all important decisions are not made in the interest of the organisation, but are primarily made so that decision-makers

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AstraZeneca vaccine

“The debate about AstraZeneca is just one example of two core problems in the communication of risks in society and the media: the strong need for “absolute certainty” and a widespread lack of thse competencies needed to assess risks correctly.

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Fighting corruption in companies

“Although compliance generates considerable costs in many companies and intervenes in many business processes, there is hardly any evidence for the preventive effect of individual measures. In a research collaboration with E.ON and the University of Heidelberg, Simply Rational is

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In our free “Food-4-Thought” events, we regularly discuss key insights and latest findings from the world of behavioral science and the science of decision making. In this Food-4-Thought, we discuss Daniel Kahneman’s recent book “Noise”, shedding light on the significance of noise for companies and entrepreneurial decision-making and discuss when noise should be reduced, but also (in contrast to Kahneman) when noise can be useful and should even be amplified.