In our trainings, we will show you how to distinguish and navigate different information environments and, based on human or artificial intelligence, select the most strategically appropriate decision support tools.

Discover our wide range of trainings, developed by us or with our partners and accessible to everyone.

In addition, we offer trainings that we can tailor according to your needs or those of your organization.

The Simply Rational team with Gerd Gigerenzer will show attendees how best to integrate human and artificial intelligence for successful deployment in their organizations.

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Innovations are business for the future. Those who look ahead find themselves in the world of risk and uncertainty. Although the two are often used synonymously, they are fundamentally different – and have an enormous influence on strategies and processes.
We teach you everything you need to make good and correct decisions in business in the future.

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Decide in which areas you and your employees should be trained and choose between “knowledge transfer” and “competence transfer” modules.

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