Learning to make good decisions: New strategies to better manage innovation

in cooperation with: Dark Horse

Innovations are a business of the future. Those who look ahead find themselves in the world of risk and uncertainty. Although the two are often used synonymously, they are fundamentally different – and have an enormous impact on strategies and processes.
Together with “Dark Horse”, we teach you everything you need to make good (and above all) correct decisions in business in the future. The latest findings from research AND practical examples from organizational consulting – you can have both! All you have to do is decide when we want to get started together….

In our interactive webinar, you’ll learn the basics of good decision making under uncertainty: You’ll learn how to differentiate the level of uncertainty and adapt decision-making processes. You’ll also learn the difference between “risk” and “uncertainty” and how that affects decisions. We’ll explain when you can trust your intuition or when you’re better off using data-driven approaches like artificial intelligence and Big Data. And we’ll show you how you can use decision-making strategies to foster a culture of innovation in your company.

Senior Management / Leadership
max. number of participants: 15

Language: German

Tuesday, 5th April 2022 16:00—18:00

Tuesday, 7th June 2022 16:00—18:00

Preis: 99€ + 19% Vat.

Digital via Zoom