A Max-Planck Spin-Off

Empowering People
To Make Better Decisions

Improving decision making

We support organizations to measurably improve decisions. To this end, we use Nobel Prize-winning insights from behavioral research and organizational development as well as state-of-the-art methods from artificial intelligence.

In Finance

We combine Artificial Intelligence and behavioural science to help our customers and their clients make better financial decisions.

In Health

We make
medical evidence
and AI-based decision-making intuitive and easy to understand.

In Organisations

We establish structures and processes to strengthen competencies to deal with risks and prepare your company for an uncertain future.

Risk – If risks are known, good decisions require logic and statistical thinking.
Uncertainty – If some risks are unknown, good decisions also require intuition and smart rules of thumb.

Intelligent decision making requires knowing which tool to use for which problem.
Simply Rational finds exactly the right tools for its customers.

Founder Simply Rational
Passion for the domain of decision-making and enthusiasm for successful solutions.

Gerd Gigerenzer

Prof. Dr.

Florian Artinger

Prof. Dr.

Niklas Keller


Malte Petersen


Covering Your Ass

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AstraZeneca vaccine

“The debate about AstraZeneca is just one example of two core problems in the communication of risks in society and the media: the strong need

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