Debate: „Click: Are Algorithms better than we are?"


Gerd Gigerenzer: one of the world’s most renowned psychologists and risk researchers

Nicole Formica-Schiller: AI expert and one of the few female entrepreneurs in this field in the German-speaking world

Thomas Ramge: Author of numerous successful books and publicist, on AI and data-driven decision making.


Where do complex algorithms make better decisions than humans, and where do they not? Will financial, judicial or personnel decisions soon be fully automated? Can simple, transparent algorithms outperform complex ones? And can predictions using only a single data point be better than Big Data? What is to make of the wildly shared assumption that complex algorithms and AI make better decisions than humans in many areas of life? Are we already sleepwalking into 24-hour-surveillance by governments and Big Tech? Will a social credit system modelled on China be our future, promising justice, security, and efficiency? How can we maintain control in a digital world? In this book discussion, Gerd Gigerenzer discusses how human can correctly assess the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence using concrete examples—in short, how we can acquire digital competence

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