Investment decisions with Finhorizon

Through an intuitive and automated user interface, we radically improve the understanding of financial investment risks. The results are competent and satisfied investors.

How should I invest my money?

In Switzerland alone, there are over 60,000 investment funds. The multitude of investment options makes it difficult for investors to decide how to best invest their money. With our client Finhorizon, we have developed a web-based tool to help investors make informed yet simple and intuitive decisions when choosing their investments.

Making selection transparent and intuitive

Understanding risks and opportunities

We analyzed the opportunities, risks, and other decision criteria of different investment options. The combined findings of this analysis were the basis for the development of our tool, which works transparently and intuitively.

Develop intuitive

We developed intuitive filters (from cognitive science research) that enable investors to reduce the number of investment options to a manageable amount.

personal fit

Using an intuitive interface, investors can find out which of the investment options really suit them best. 

Better investment decisions
Reduce complexity

We radically reduce the complexity of decision making. 

Increase understanding

Different types of investors have a better understanding and are more satisfied. 

Individual goals

Decisions based on sound, individual investment goals.

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