Behavioral Compliance with E.ON

How can compliance risks be identified?

We conducted a compliance risk analysis with our client E.ON SE. What makes it different
from classical compliance risk assessments: In addition to known legal risks, we were also able
to identify previously unknown compliance breaches as well as their causes and triggers.

Our approach: Compliance breaches are adaptively rational


Compliance violations do not
occur in an organizational
(cultural) vacuum but
represent behavior that is
adapted to local intra- and
circumstances. In the first
step of our analysis, we
analyze these circumstances.

Capture implicit knowledge

Our interview methods and
surveys enable us to
capture the intuition of staff
members regarding specific
hazardous events as well as
the effectiveness of
compliance measures in
their area of operations.


This approach enabled us to
identify compliance risks that
were previously unknown to
our client and at the same
time adapt compliance
measures to the local
operational circumstances in
order to ensure maximum

Advantages of our behavioral compliance approach

Through our analysis, we first identified unknown compliance risks as well as their underlying dynamics.

We were then able to quantify these potential risks using methods from classical compliance risk assessment.

Combining classical approaches with behavioral compliance and statistical methods enabled our client to identify previously unknown compliance risks and to prevent them effectively.

Would you also like to identify previously unknown compliance risks in your company and
effectively prevent compliance breaches?
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