Innovation management with AOK PLUS

We optimise decision-making in innovation projects with the help of appropriate competencies, processes and structures. This leads to an effective handling of uncertainty in the innovation process, which can thus be gradually and systematically reduced and managed.

How do you manage something that does not yet exist?

Our client, AOK PLUS, needed support in innovation management. They wanted us to analyze and optimize the existing decision-making process and the management of innovation projects. Their aims were to achieve greater transparency in decision making for the project teams and to improve the overall decision quality from the end-user’s point of view.

Innovation management = Uncertainty management

Uncover uncertainty

Quantifying uncertainty, e.g., by representing it numerically through probabilities or scoring models, can give a false sense of knowledge. Our tool, which was specifically developed for AOK PLUS, avoids unnecessary quantification and instead specifically uncovers uncertainties in the innovation process.

Reduce and manage uncertainty

One should differentiate between project-internal uncertainty and strategic uncertainty. With the new tool, uncertainty on the project level can be identified, reduced, and managed more effectively by the innovation team. Strategic uncertainty is captured by a prioritization process between different investment options.

Promote decision-making expertise

Transparent feedback between decision makers (e.g., innovation managers) and project teams, as well as the development of reference classes for similar projects, increases the decision competence of all actors involved in the development or management of innovation projects.

Benefits of deliberately dealing with uncertainty

The new tool focuses discussions on those aspects of innovation projects that are associated with the greatest uncertainty. This reduces the time required and increases motivation of all involved parties. 


The tool helps the innovation teams to understand the decision-making process in situ and thereby creates partnership between teams and decision-makers.


Through higher-quality decisions and feedback, teams are optimally supported, and decision-makers become more competent. This increases the long-term innovation success of the organization.

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